The Venus Factor Program

The Venus Factor refers to a body transformation program for women only. The purpose of the program is to enhance development of hourglass figure hence it is shoulder intensive. It focuses on muscle building while burning fat. All the work outs in the program are usually done in a circuit manner with a rest of 60 seconds between the exercises.

Components of the Venus factor

  1. Main manual – This helps in determination of one’s ideal Venus index ratio. It enables in making decision whether one requires gaining or losing weight in order to achieve it.
  2. Fat loss system – This system takes 12 weeks so as to lose fat. This comes after determination of Venus index, thus one should use the fat loss system guide in order to reach her goals as far as fat loss is concerned.
  3. Workout manual – This is the most important program part which includes a 12 week step by step work out that helps in shaping and toning muscles through resistance training. It usually has direct links to online video foe quick reference.
  4. Workout schedule – This fitness program usually takes 12 weeks .it is then divided into three phases each four weeks long. In each phase, one is usually given a specific workout plan to follow and complete routine with explanations, pictures and videos which should be followed so as to keep the correct form of all the workouts.

venus factor pack


  1. The workouts are usually shown in pictures and videos thus easy to follow correctly all the workouts.
  2. The program can work for all women at any fitness centre. It only requires them to be in good health to be a position to do the workouts.
  3. The program is not about individual’s weighing and pounding and competing with anybody. The aim is to be in the best shape.
  4. Does not require counting of calories or many limitations to what they enjoy. Instead, a woman can still enjoy her favorite foods.
  5. Does not require expensive gym equipments
  6. The program comes with 60 days painless 100% money back guarantee.


  1. Too much freedom is usually given by the nutrition element. It would be encourage able if some women found a useful structured eating plan.
  2. The program is about getting a perfect figure and shaping the body. Thus, it is not useful for individuals with the aim of shedding a few pounds.
  3. The program requires strict sticking to the workout pal and with 100% dedication.
  4. The program is only for women thus absolutely useless for men.
  5. The program is improper fro those having injuries because it is based on workouts.
  6. It is only a digital product. No physical products which can be shipped into an individual hence require downloading.


The Venus Factor is among the best weight loss programs for women. It makes sense and has a fantastic diet plan. It offers a good deal of great value to customers and keeps away from weight loss scams which are found everywhere in the online. It breaks down the workout and diet process so that it is easily understood.

Information about ED Treatments

ED, also known as impotence is a condition whereby a man has difficulty in keeping or getting an erection. This is because of accumulation of fatty deposits in the arteries similar to how heart arteries are affected in individuals with heart disease. The condition is very common when one gets older. It is not a natural occurrence for people who are aging. Some individuals find it hard to talk about sex with their doctors. But if you have ED, it is crucial to consult your doctor. This is because it could be an indication of other health problems. It could mean you have clogged vessels or have nerve damage as result of diabetes. Failure to see a doctor means that the ailments will not be treated. Taking a pill is enough to treat the above condition.

How frequent does ED occur?

Majority of men will not experience an erection occasionally. For example, a man will not easily erect when he has had too much to drink, he is distracted, stressed or tired. For majority of men, impotence is not temporary, and an erection will occur numerous times when they feel aroused. On the other hand, some men experience recurring, persistent erectile dysfunction.

Causes of impotence

Causes of the above condition are grouped into either psychological (due to mental health) or physical.

Physical causes

About 8 in 10 causes of this condition are due to physical causes.

  • Injury to the nerves – some of these injuries include, fractured pelvis, spinal injury as a result of surgery to nearby structures, radiotherapy to the genital area.unhappy couple
  • Diseases that affect nerves – some of them include Parkinson’s disease, stroke or multiple sclerosis.
  • Too much outflow of blood – this occurs through the veins. Even though it is rare, it can be caused due to a number of conditions of the penis.
  • Hormonal imbalances – an example is the lack of testosterone hormone produced in the testes. This is not common. However, a previous injury on the head is a common cause of lack of the hormone. In some instances, a head injury can affect the functionality of the brain. The pituitary gland produces a hormone that stimulates the production of testosterone. This is why a head injury can cause ED.

Importance of visiting a doctor

Failure to experience an erection can be a sign of an underlying ailment hence the importance of visiting a doctor. If the doctor does not find the health issues to be the cause of your condition, he will mostly prescribe common ways of treatment. However, there are also natural treatments to choose from.

Treatment by use of injections

Injections were commonly used before the availability of tablets. They work very well. One is taught how to inject the medicine underneath the penis. This causes increased flow of blood, and an erection within 15 minutes. Additionally, unlike tablets, an erection will occur with or without being sexually aroused.

Urethral medications

One places a pellet towards the end of the urethra. The pellet has the same medicine like the one used during injection treatment. The medicine is absorbed in the penis very fast in order to cause an erection within 10-15 minutes.

Therapy or couple counseling is sometimes useful especially when ed is as a result of psychological problems. You could also try out the highly recommended ED Protocol program.

Muscle building diet tips

There are several things that should always be included in an effective somanabolic muscle maximizer diet. First of all, it is important that you eat enough amounts of proteins. Basically, you require between one and one and half times the weight of your body in grams of proteins. Meaning that in case you weigh one hundred and fifty pounds you should consider eating between one hundred and fifty and two hundred and twenty five grams of proteins daily if you want to gain muscle consistently. The best source of protein for building muscle include red meat such as pork, bee, venison, lamb and bison; fish such as salmon, bass, swordfish, tuna, mackerel and tout; poultry breast form turkey, chicken and duck; dairy such as cheese, milk, yogurt and many others.

ripped guyIt is also very important to include carbohydrates in diet so as to be tapped by your body into glycogen stores within your body muscles as you work out. In case you do not eat sufficient amount of carbohydrates, your body will lack energy reserves and your muscles will be broken down instead. It is essential for your muscle building diet to consist of about one thousand five hundred calories or between forty percent and sixty percent carbohydrates daily. the best source of carbohydrates include brown basmati rice, rolled oats, sweet potatoes, whole meal spaghetti, quinoa and whole meal rye bread.

The diet also requires that you consider eating healthy fats. Always remember that not all fats are equally created, and it is proven that it is good for you to eat healthy fats. It is important that you get about twenty percent to thirty five percent of your calories from fats. Consider eating polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats since they are good fats, and include but not limited to fish, soy products like soy milk, nuts, pumpkin seeds and flaxseed among many others. You should also consume plenty of fiber as part of your muscle building diet.

It is important to note that including green vegetables in your diet such as broccoli and spinach helps in ensuring that you get sufficient amount of essential vitamins. Green leafy vegetables are also a good source of fiber which is very vital for waste removal from the body. It is very important that you always drink plenty of water throughout the day as part of your diet to build muscle. Men should take about three liters every day while women are recommended to take about two and half liters on a daily basis.

The Single Girls Handbook by Patti Stanger

Are you a woman who is still trying to figure out how to attract the man of your dreams and make him passionately fall in love with you and remain yours forever, don’t panic or get demoralized or assume that you have reached the end. Stranger Patti has a dating guide and program called the Single Girls Handbook which she has designed to equip you with the best dating advice you need. Millions of single and dating women have benefited from the program and are now witnesses that all matters of love can be solved by this guide.

It can be confidently said to be the ultimate dating guide towards achieving that relationship you’ve always wanted to have. In the guide, you will be enlightened on how to attract men into your life, how to send out the right signals with obsession phrases, tips on how to be self-sufficient and a healthy direction to monogamy without changing your identity or who you are. What about Patti Stranger? And who is she? Okay, Patti Stranger is a legend in when it comes to dating cycle. She is the author of this girls’ guide in love matters and possesses an intensive and extensive experience in this field. In the handbook, she innovatively utilizes her experience to bring out a proven formula that has seen many women reach their desired soul mates and finally achieving the happiness they have always dreamed for.

Patti StangerLet’s have a brief tour of what the handbook program for girls contains. The program is first of all a digital one where by on purchasing it; you are directed to the website (details given), then you are can download the content as a PDF and start using the product. The whole program contains Single Girls Handbook in PDF form and an audio eBook that can be listened for. Moreover, it consists of three clear and simple steps to attract soulmate and serves as source to finding the man of your life. Reviews have indicated that the system aims at solving all dating and relationship problems faced by all women as well as leading to every woman falling in love with the Mr. Right, an excellent feature of the System.

The single girls dating handbook and program is of benefit to a vast array of ladies, for instance; those who are sick and tired of bad and disappointing relationships, those tired of getting emails from players as well as those who want to exit a relationship forever among others. Despite numerous pros it anchors the book however has a con in that it is only digital and sold online, this implies that there is no paper-back version of the handbook for those who like the version.

The guide contains comprehensive information to help you and any woman win a guy’s heart and gives you a chance to improve and grow your life with eternal happiness. Women who have read it have confirmed that the program is second to none when it comes to dating tips. Waste no time, have the handbook and within a short period, you will find yourself in the arms of the guy you’ve always desired.

Comprehensive review of mspy

One of the leading next generation mobile monitoring apps, mspy comes with exceptional features designed to facilitate virtually undetectable monitoring of various aspects of android and IOS based phones and tablets.

mspy logo

Here is an in-depth review:An overview of mspy app

It is is designed to offer comprehensive tracking and logging of virtually every activity performed using both Android and IOS based phones and tablets. To this end, it is capable of performing tasks like:

• Location tracking – This app can easily triangulate a phone user’s position using GPS and send the precise coordinates directly to the remote monitoring device in real time so long as there is stable network connectivity. Furthermore, users can manually track the monitored user’s location by viewing their scheduled or ongoing calendar meetings.

• Logging incoming and outgoing calls – The app keeps a comprehensive log of all incoming and outgoing calls, complete with the time they were made and the duration spent conversing. It also facilitates incoming calls restrictions in cases where the user has the phone owner’s permission, or parental obligations.

• Logging and reading messages – It also offers unlimited access to all messages, including text, multi-media and instant messages as well as emails received or sent by the monitored device. This feature comes with the convenience of keeping even deleted messages intact for viewing later. It even acts as a key logger; recording every keystroke made using the monitored device’s keyboard.

• Monitoring internet usage – The app compiles a comprehensive browser history, showing all the websites visited and consequently the content viewed over a certain period. The app also facilitates greater control of the user’s internet usage by allowing blocking of websites that may be regarded unsafe especially for kids.

• Apps and programs – This app is also capable of monitoring, controlling and even blocking the use of other apps and programs installed in the monitored device.

• Contingency planning – In cases where the monitored device is misplaced or lost, all applications, programs and data that may disclose personal or professional information can be easily and instantly erased remotely using the app’s wipeout option.

The convenience of the App

In spite of its conspicuous nature, the app is designed and presented as a legal app. It is meant to serve users like parents monitoring their kids’ phone activities and employers tracking their employee’s occupational phone usage and location during working hours. To this end, users not only require exclusive permission from the monitored device’s owner, but also physical access to the device for installation of the app. With all the obligations met, mspy offers users conveniences like:

• Monitoring employees’ professional phone usage to ensure the safety and privacy of business’ related data and files.

• Monitoring employees’ location during working hours to nurture a sense of self-discipline and responsibility.

• Monitoring kids’ internet usage to prevent exposition to immoral internet content.

• Safeguarding personal and professional information by wiping out the phone’s entire data in case it is misplaced or stolen.


Albeit it works seamlessly when properly installed, the app comes with certain limitations depending on the monitored device’s OS and installed apps. For starters, devices running on IOS have to be jail-broken beforehand to be compatible with the app; it has also been shown to be incompatible with some of the latest IOS versions including IOS 6.1.3, 6.1.4 and 7.On the other hand, it is easily compatible with Android based devices, but necessitates rooting to allow access to apps like Skype, Whatsapp and Facebook among others.

Dating Advice For Men

Dating tends to be a tricky affair for many men especially if you are not aware of the tao of badass dating system. There are many questions that always pop up when it comes to this matter like what to wear, where to go out on a date, what type of conversation is appropriate and how much you should talk. It does not hurt at all to ask for a little advice when it comes to this crucial matter. Here are several tips that could help you get that kiss you have always dreamt about.


Confidence Is Key: There is nothing more appealing to a lady than a confident man. This is one of the main traits that ladies look for in a man. A confident man will always be passionately talked about by any woman. However, you should not be overly confident, this can turn to play against you, women tend to dislike someone who is overconfident. Being confident does not mean you must have that killer 6-pack or the latest ride in town, it means that you are comfortable being you and appreciate who you are.

Do Not Keep Talking About Your Past Relationship: No one is interested to know about the ex! That is a dangerous conversation that you should try keep in the closet altogether. This topic creates some kind of awkwardness between the two of you. Ladies are jealous creatures that need to keep being assured that the past is history and all that matter is the present (them).

Always Maintain Your Manners: You do not have to act too nice but a little etiquette earns you the points. Open the taxi door for her, pull her chair, tell her she looks nice if she does and do not forget the colour of her eyes. You can also try moving close to her face as she talks. You should however not exaggerate things, always do what you are comfortable with.

Seek Advice: A few pointers from a friend will always keep you on the right track. Remember there is no school for dating. Never shy away from asking for some help. A close female friend is the best person to help you with this. Maybe you can discuss your last date, generally how it was, what you talked about, where you went and what you did. Another person’s opinion will give you helpful feedback on how to better your dating experience.

Maintain Engaging And Fun Conversations: While on a date, you should always engage your date. You do not want to bore your date by doing all the talking. Ladies appreciate men who can make them laugh; you must be serious at times but be fun to be around. Be brief and precise in what you have to say. Ask her about herself and listen to her as she speaks, this tells that you have interest in her.

Always Look And Smell Good: Ladies always want someone who looks good and has a pleasant smell. Make sure that beard is well shaved and you use an aftershave. Wear something nice and use a nice cologne, a woman always likes to boast about her man’s appearance. This does not mean that you have to always rock a full tuxedo, just be smart and comfortable.

Now you got the tools, relax, breath in deeply, be yourself and have fun with your date.

How To Get Your Ex Back

You argued, she got upset and left, but you now want to text your ex back. Relationships can reach end points due to all sorts of reasons, from infidelity to change in career to distance. But it’s all possible to get back together and start things afresh. Even if you broke up with her an over a year ago or she’s seeing someone else, there’s always a way you can get back that girl who captured your heart.

hugging coupleGetting your ex back

  1. Find out what went wrong

The first thing you need to do to get her back is to take some time and think things out. Try to find what exactly went wrong (may be something you or her did) and why she left! To make things easier for you, you may want to try finding answers to certain questions such as: What was she saying before the breakup? Did you have frequent arguments? Or did she find you in a compromising situation with your or her female friend?

Believe it or not, no girl will allow you back in her life if you still have no idea why you broke up. By taking the time to find out the possible reasons for your being apart, you’ll find it easier to determine the best way to approach reconciliation.

  1. Reach out to her

Once you have thought things out and are sure you want you’re ex girlfriend back, the next thing to do is to contact her. You can do this over the phone or in person, but make sure you keep the message both light & playful. Sending her a message such as “We need to talk” or “I want us to get back together” may not be a good idea as it’s too heavy and may invoke the wrong “emotions” . Aim to show her the easy, relaxed version of you that she knew when you were starting out.

  1. Apologize to her

It doesn’t matter whether she broke up with you or you broke up with her, but an apology is key to getting her back and working things out. By apologizing, you show a high level of maturity because you’re swallowing your ego. Moreover, it shows that you do care enough for her to accept you were wrong. There are so many ways you can give an apology but you should try to keep it simple. Girls really love flowers so consider sending her a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers. You can also write her a letter or meet her in person in a public place, or just a place where she’s comfortable with.

Important tips to get a boyfriend

There are innumerable women across the globe who are looking for true love and tips to get a boyfriend can be found in books and on the Internet. However, there is so much information out there that it can easily get confusing. To give you a much better idea, here are some very important tips which all single women can follow.First of all, if this is the first time you are looking for a boyfriend, try to remain calm and grounded. Be realistic and do not set sky-high expectations. It will be foolish to expect that your boyfriend will look like an Hollywood actor or to be a very rich person. Try to look for a nice guy who will really care for you.

boyfriend wanted

  1. First of all, if this is the first time you are looking for a boyfriend, try to remain calm and grounded. Be realistic and do not set sky-high expectations. It will be foolish to expect that your boyfriend will look like an Hollywood actor or to be a very rich person. Try to look for a nice guy who will really care for you.
  2. It is essential that you are well aware of the kind of boyfriend you want. Would you like an introvert guy or should he be outgoing? A handsome guy with a great sense of humor will not be bad either. Note down these attributes somewhere if possible. In this way you would be able to know what sort of guy you need to look out for.
  3. Get out and meet new people. You may want to join clubs and indulge in activities which are fun. Places you can try to look for your ideal guy include libraries, gyms, and the park. You can also join different events that have a good proportion of male members and you might just get lucky and find a guy who shares similar interests!
  4. You never know when and where you will find your true love so always try to look and act your best. How you look, how you behave, what you wear, what you say, all play an important role in attracting the right guy. Always keep yourself mentally prepared and dress well to meet the love of your life.
  5. Ask people you know to search for someone for you. Your colleagues know you inside out and it is possible that they might just have a relative or friend who is made for you!
  6. Always try to start up a conversion if you see someone you like. Be more assertive and confident in your approach but do not be too forward. Just try to be natural and comfortable while you talk with a guy and you’ll be fine.
  7. If you like a guy, then don’t forget to send out the right signals to him. Look at him frequently, flutter your eyelashes, blush a bit or run your hands through your hair. Stare at him for a few seconds and ignore him for a few days. Capture his heart, without letting him understand that you desire him. Let him beg for your attention and compel him come to you.

The mechanics of searching for a boyfriend can be complicated but if you have a clear head and the tools to execute it, then it is not that difficult. It will be very easy to get the right guy if you learn the language of desire and know who to look out for! Just follow the tips mentioned above and get ready to meet your perfect guy soon.

Diabetes miracle cure guide

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that makes a person’s blood sugar level rise. When food is eaten and digested, it has to be absorbed as glucose into the body cells through the blood. The pancreas produces insulin that helps transport the glucose into the body cells after which the sugar level reduces. Blood sugar rises when the body is not able to produce enough insulin or the body does not respond positively to the insulin produced.

There are 3 types of diabetes; Type 1 diabetes is where the body does not produce insulin forcing the patient to take insulin injections. Type 2 diabetes is where the body produces insufficient insulin or the body is resistant to insulin produced. Gestational diabetes is that which affect pregnant women when the glucose in their body is high. It can lead to complications during birth if not identified early. Some symptoms of a diabetic person include feeling too thirsty and hungry, fatigue, frequent urination, weight gain, wounds that do not heal, not active sexually as well as being numb.

Most diabetic patients are required to eat a healthy diet and do a lot of physical exercise. There is a person by the name of Paul Carlyle who claims to have a diabetes miracle cure guide. This is a program that is undertaken in three steps. The first step is one that educates on the need to take foods rich in proteins, vegetables and healthy fats. Do not take much of red meat and other sources of saturated fat as well as reduce intake of drinks with much sugar. It is recommended that one takes polyunsaturated fats found in nuts, fish and vegetable oil. It takes only 2 months according to Paul Carlyle.

Step two helps people in identifying the correct type of carbohydrates to take. It tells the patient what carbohydrates are good for their type of diabetes. Patients are advised to take whole grain meals, milk, yoghurt, rice, pasta and potatoes. In addition, seek services of a certified dietician to assist you i determining the right carb count for you. Carb count is the amount of carbohydrates that the insulin produced can comfortably handle. This helps in reducing sugar levels because the insulin helps the cells absorb all glucose processed. Eating lower amount of carbohydrates as required may result to the blood sugar level falling below the required.

Step 3 is centered on the weight of the patient. It aims at reducing the weight, cholesterol levels, blood sugar and pressure through routine exercise. These exercises could be jogging, walking, lifting weights under a qualified instructor, dancing, playing and aerobics. Whatever exercise you undertake should be discussed with the doctor so that they direct on the exercise that suits your condition. In most cases people work out for at least an hour which includes simple and vigorous workouts. It is recommended you break the exercise into different groups such as stretching, muscle building and aerobics.

Diabetes Protocol Program Review

Did you know that diabetes is the leading chronic disease all over the world? Diabetes II is the most common type where people have high blood sugar caused by either having low insulin levels or insulin that doesn’t work. Currently most people over 50 suffer from this incurable disease but even sadder is that even little children are now victims too.

For a long time now, scientists and pharmaceuticals have decided that diabetes cannot be cured but managed with diet, pills and insulin shots.The worst part about being a diabetic is that one lives on the edge always. Doctors prohibit them from eating all the good things in life and taking any kind of beverage including beer and wine. Their life span is also said to be ten years shorter meaning they live everyday looking forward to the day that artificial insulin will stop working and they die.

Good News

Fortunately, this nightmare has finally come to an end thanks to the Diabetes Protocol. This is a program documented by Dr. Pullman to not only manage diabetes but cure it too. Dr. Pullman lost his father to this deadly disease and was diagnosed with the same immediately after only at the age of 10.this made him commit his whole life to finding the cure for diabetes and though it took him a lot of years, money and a trunk load of education, he and his research team finally did it.

happy elderly couple

The Program

The Diabetes Protocol Program involves introducing some few food items and supplements in your diet at specific times. The timing factor is important to beat the production of excess sugar which is the real cause of diabetes while the fatty acids, proteins and enzymes introduced neutralize the sugar. This program runs strictly for 19 days after which one starts to reduce the doses of insulin shots and medicine while getting back to eating nice foods slowly by slowly. In a few weeks one is allowed to eat anything in good measure of course as long as the new food items and supplements are still part of the diet.


The biggest advantage of this program is freedom; Freedom from injections, daily pills, rabbit diet and the edgy lifestyle of taking your blood sugar levels on a daily basis. After 19 days, one’s blood sugar is usually down to normal and they can start enjoying their life again.

Secondly, eliminating the overwhelming medication gives one better quality of life because the injections and pills have side effects like low energy, sick stomach, skin problems, infections and bad taste that make someone lose their taste buds.

Last but not least is the financial burden that is lifted once you don’t need the daily shots and medication which can be pretty expensive.One is able to live a normal life and build their future no matter how old they are.


Dr. Pullman’s program has worked wonders for many people who thought they would die soon. It’s easy to follow, cheap and completely full proof with a money back guarantee.