The Venus Factor Program

The Venus Factor refers to a body transformation program for women only. The purpose of the program is to enhance development of hourglass figure hence it is shoulder intensive. It focuses on muscle building while burning fat. All the work outs in the program are usually done in a circuit manner with a rest of 60 seconds between the exercises.

Components of the Venus factor

  1. Main manual – This helps in determination of one’s ideal Venus index ratio. It enables in making decision whether one requires gaining or losing weight in order to achieve it.
  2. Fat loss system – This system takes 12 weeks so as to lose fat. This comes after determination of Venus index, thus one should use the fat loss system guide in order to reach her goals as far as fat loss is concerned.
  3. Workout manual – This is the most important program part which includes a 12 week step by step work out that helps in shaping and toning muscles through resistance training. It usually has direct links to online video foe quick reference.
  4. Workout schedule – This fitness program usually takes 12 weeks .it is then divided into three phases each four weeks long. In each phase, one is usually given a specific workout plan to follow and complete routine with explanations, pictures and videos which should be followed so as to keep the correct form of all the workouts.

venus factor pack


  1. The workouts are usually shown in pictures and videos thus easy to follow correctly all the workouts.
  2. The program can work for all women at any fitness centre. It only requires them to be in good health to be a position to do the workouts.
  3. The program is not about individual’s weighing and pounding and competing with anybody. The aim is to be in the best shape.
  4. Does not require counting of calories or many limitations to what they enjoy. Instead, a woman can still enjoy her favorite foods.
  5. Does not require expensive gym equipments
  6. The program comes with 60 days painless 100% money back guarantee.


  1. Too much freedom is usually given by the nutrition element. It would be encourage able if some women found a useful structured eating plan.
  2. The program is about getting a perfect figure and shaping the body. Thus, it is not useful for individuals with the aim of shedding a few pounds.
  3. The program requires strict sticking to the workout pal and with 100% dedication.
  4. The program is only for women thus absolutely useless for men.
  5. The program is improper fro those having injuries because it is based on workouts.
  6. It is only a digital product. No physical products which can be shipped into an individual hence require downloading.


The Venus Factor is among the best weight loss programs for women. It makes sense and has a fantastic diet plan. It offers a good deal of great value to customers and keeps away from weight loss scams which are found everywhere in the online. It breaks down the workout and diet process so that it is easily understood.

Muscle building diet tips

There are several things that should always be included in an effective somanabolic muscle maximizer diet. First of all, it is important that you eat enough amounts of proteins. Basically, you require between one and one and half times the weight of your body in grams of proteins. Meaning that in case you weigh one hundred and fifty pounds you should consider eating between one hundred and fifty and two hundred and twenty five grams of proteins daily if you want to gain muscle consistently. The best source of protein for building muscle include red meat such as pork, bee, venison, lamb and bison; fish such as salmon, bass, swordfish, tuna, mackerel and tout; poultry breast form turkey, chicken and duck; dairy such as cheese, milk, yogurt and many others.

ripped guyIt is also very important to include carbohydrates in diet so as to be tapped by your body into glycogen stores within your body muscles as you work out. In case you do not eat sufficient amount of carbohydrates, your body will lack energy reserves and your muscles will be broken down instead. It is essential for your muscle building diet to consist of about one thousand five hundred calories or between forty percent and sixty percent carbohydrates daily. the best source of carbohydrates include brown basmati rice, rolled oats, sweet potatoes, whole meal spaghetti, quinoa and whole meal rye bread.

The diet also requires that you consider eating healthy fats. Always remember that not all fats are equally created, and it is proven that it is good for you to eat healthy fats. It is important that you get about twenty percent to thirty five percent of your calories from fats. Consider eating polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats since they are good fats, and include but not limited to fish, soy products like soy milk, nuts, pumpkin seeds and flaxseed among many others. You should also consume plenty of fiber as part of your muscle building diet.

It is important to note that including green vegetables in your diet such as broccoli and spinach helps in ensuring that you get sufficient amount of essential vitamins. Green leafy vegetables are also a good source of fiber which is very vital for waste removal from the body. It is very important that you always drink plenty of water throughout the day as part of your diet to build muscle. Men should take about three liters every day while women are recommended to take about two and half liters on a daily basis.

Coping With Emotions That Come During Pregnancy

After becoming pregnant, many women always desire to cope with the pregnancy effectively. They look forward to having minimal stress and emotions. Also, they desire to be in good healthy throughout the whole episode. However, being expectant is always a trying time. A woman can go through a rollercoaster of emotions. The following are ways in which she can manage the situation:

Manage Emotions

Expectant mothers always go through emotional changes. This is normally caused by hormonal imbalance. Some will start craving for some things. Others will detest the sight of certain things or even people. At this point, a woman needs to learn how to control her emotions. She should go through therapy or counseling sessions.

togetherProper Nutrition

Mood swings are quite common during pregnancy. However, at times they may get out of hand. Certain foods are known to influence the moods. Eating such foods will trigger the emotions. Other types will help manage the emotions consequently making a woman more relaxed. It is beneficial to stick to the right nutrition. Also, seeking advice from the doctor or nutritionist is important.

Sufficient Sleep

A woman who is pregnant can also manage the emotions simply by getting adequate sleep. Taking a nap or sleeping helps in calming the nerves. The type of environment will determine the quality of sleep. In addition, the mental status of the woman will also influence the type of sleep. A stressed woman is less likely to sleep peacefully. On the other hand, a woman who is relaxed will sleep much better.

Moral Support

One way of managing emotions that come when a woman is pregnant is having a good support network. This is especially important to first-time mothers. Building a network of good and support friends and family helps a woman cope with the new changes. The friends will help her understand what she is going through. Isolation or withdrawing from the social scene causes more harm than good. She may start feeling depressed or anxious. This will not only affect her health but also that of her yet-to-be born baby.

Being expectant is one of the happiest moments in life. It is symbolic with bringing a new life to the world. Nonetheless, if not managed well, it can become quite challenging. The woman will go through psychological, emotional, and also physical stress. Such occurrences will affect the health of the unborn baby. The tips mentioned above will come handy during this period. You can also learn more by reading the pregnancy miracle book by Lisa Olson.

How To Get Your Ex Back

You argued, she got upset and left, but you now want to text your ex back. Relationships can reach end points due to all sorts of reasons, from infidelity to change in career to distance. But it’s all possible to get back together and start things afresh. Even if you broke up with her an over a year ago or she’s seeing someone else, there’s always a way you can get back that girl who captured your heart.

hugging coupleGetting your ex back

  1. Find out what went wrong

The first thing you need to do to get her back is to take some time and think things out. Try to find what exactly went wrong (may be something you or her did) and why she left! To make things easier for you, you may want to try finding answers to certain questions such as: What was she saying before the breakup? Did you have frequent arguments? Or did she find you in a compromising situation with your or her female friend?

Believe it or not, no girl will allow you back in her life if you still have no idea why you broke up. By taking the time to find out the possible reasons for your being apart, you’ll find it easier to determine the best way to approach reconciliation.

  1. Reach out to her

Once you have thought things out and are sure you want you’re ex girlfriend back, the next thing to do is to contact her. You can do this over the phone or in person, but make sure you keep the message both light & playful. Sending her a message such as “We need to talk” or “I want us to get back together” may not be a good idea as it’s too heavy and may invoke the wrong “emotions” . Aim to show her the easy, relaxed version of you that she knew when you were starting out.

  1. Apologize to her

It doesn’t matter whether she broke up with you or you broke up with her, but an apology is key to getting her back and working things out. By apologizing, you show a high level of maturity because you’re swallowing your ego. Moreover, it shows that you do care enough for her to accept you were wrong. There are so many ways you can give an apology but you should try to keep it simple. Girls really love flowers so consider sending her a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers. You can also write her a letter or meet her in person in a public place, or just a place where she’s comfortable with.